Pension and life certificate

Information on life certificate and your Belgian pension abroad.

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Your Belgian pension abroad

Apart from the change of residence and removal from the Belgian population register, moving abroad can have a number of other consequences, especially in terms of pensions.

The embassy is not strictly competent for this, but anyone who moves abroad, is approaching the legal retirement age and believes they are entitled to a Belgian pension can find more information on the FPS Foreign Affairs website

Life certificate

Every pensioner living abroad must regularly send a life certificate to the pension organisation to which he or she is affiliated. This life certificate must be completed and signed by the holder and by the competent government bodies confirming its accuracy.

These government bodies can either be the local authorities (government departments "Kormányhivatal" in Hungary) or the Belgian embassies and consulates-general, although the latter can only sign for Belgian citizens.

Thanks to the new electronic identity cards (eID), you can now print and send your life certificate via the online pension application in Dutch, in French, or in German

Today, Belgian consulates are only authorised for Belgians. If you are a Hungarian citizen, you must now go to your municipality or government office to have your life certificate signed.

All information about the life certificate can be found on the website of the Federal Pension Office (in French or in Dutch).


To have your life certificate signed by our consulate general, you should come in person with the completed certificate and an identity document, after making an appointment in advance. 

If for health reasons you cannot come to the consulate general in person, a person authorised by you can carry out the procedure for you. Please inform us by phone or e-mail, stating the identity of the person authorised to bring the form to be signed, accompanied by a recent medical certificate.

The life certificate will be signed free of charge.

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