Electronic identity card and Kids-ID

Information on the electronic identity card and Kids-ID.

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In accordance with European regulations, all identity cards issued by EU member countries must contain the fingerprints of 2 fingers (index finger) since mid-2021.

Since 21 June 2021, you have to go in person, by appointment, to the Consulate General of Belgium in Budapest to obtain an electronic identity card (e-ID) or a Kids-ID (if your child is aged 6 or over).

Your current identity card will remain valid until its expiry date.

The Belgian embassies and career consulates issue electronic identity cards to Belgians who are listed in their population registers:

These eID and Kids-ID offer various benefits:

  1. Handy bank card size
  2. Possibility to travel to more than 50 countries (more information in French or Dutch)
  3. Less expensive than a passport: 20 € for an eID, 10 € for a Kids-ID
  4. Remains valid in case you move (to another career post, from or to Belgium)
  5. Allows certain secure actions over the Internet (if the certificates have been activated)

In order to verify your identity, we ask you to come in person to submit your application. You can do this every working day during our opening hours.